Question: Are You Comfortable Sharing Some Of Your Life Experiences With Your Readers?

Blogging is such an interesting and one of my favourite hobby. I love to read my fellow bloggers blog posts and I really love reading their stories, life experiences. I enjoy reading them and learn new things from them. But its not mandatory for everyone to share their stories because everyone are not comfortable doing so. Coming to me I am a lifestyle blogger and I love to share some of my life experiences with my readers and I wrote them in my previous posts. I feel comfortable to share some of my childhood stories too. I wrote about my weekend experiences, how my life changed in this Pandemic , my cooking experiences, blogging experiences, impact of blogging on my life and many more.

So what about you?

Are you comfortable in sharing some of your life experiences with your readers?

Do share with me in the comments section below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Stay Optimistic In This Pandemic

As we are staying at home and itโ€™s not easy for everyone to stay happy with this new normal lives. Especially to the ones who love socializing as itโ€™s not their cup of tea to stay always at home. But there is no other alternative than spending at home. I stay in India where we are just following one thing as much as possible which is Stay Home Stay Safe. But physically we are staying at home but what about our little mind where itโ€™s getting a lot of thoughts. Many people are stressed for various reasons for someone staying at home is completely new, they loved working from office, loved socializing, missing their loved ones, missing travelling, missing outside food, missing their schools/ colleges and the list goes on.

So this is the time where we need to take care of our mental health. Life has changed drastically for everyone so its time where we need to take care of our mind. If our mind stays happy then we too stay happy. So I just want to share my thoughts with people around the world and help them feeling better.

01) Clean Your Personal Space

Itโ€™s really important to have a clean room where you are staying that may be your personal belongings, books, stuff, etc. Try to clear your clutter and keep your room tidy which really gives you some happiness and relaxation.
Even you can clear your digital space too.

02) Talk to your loved ones

Itโ€™s really important to open up with your loved ones that may be personally or virtually that does not really matter. Share with them how you are feeling and open up with them everything. Let them understand what you are actually thinking.

03) Try Cooking at home

Trust me this will really help you, I donโ€™t suggest to cook complicated dishes from day one but try something simple like making pan cakes, baking, smoothies, breakfast, etc. Treat cooking as a fun thing and not as a chore then you will definitely enjoy your time in kitchen.

04) Pamper Yourself

Pampering is such a thing which doesnโ€™t need any investment actually. You can simply take time for yourself, watch your favourite TV series, have some ice cream and sky is the limit for ideas. I recently wrote a post about how I pamper myself and I think you will enjoy reading my post.

05) Have your ME time

This sounds so simple but it really works because think before pre-pandemic times where we were not restricted to homes there were so many activities and we use to feel better and everyone had their own space so now you definitely need your ME time where you can have time for yourself and enjoy doing activities which are important and makes you happy. ME time relaxes and recharges you where you can perform better.

I hope this tips will definitely help you to remain optimistic and stress free even though you are staying at home and I guess you are adjusting to new normal lives.

Do you like my post?
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Why It Is Very Important To Pamper Ourselves

Who doesn’t love to get pampered right?
Each of us want to get pampered by our loved ones but how do you like if you pamper yourself whenever possible. Frankly speaking I love to pamper myself and I simply enjoy it. Like doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money to pamper yourself. Pampering comes in all forms like doing yourself a pedicure once in a while at home is also a great thing to pamper yourself.

Yes if we pamper ourselves the happiness is quite different and trust me you will love yourself when you get pampered. In this post I want to share how I pampered myself recently. I always pamper myself in one or the other ways because I simply love it.

This is how I pampered myself recently

01) I took kindle unlimited subscription and I felt really happy though I haven’t started enjoying my subscription but the thought of having it is really beautiful and it really makes me feel wonderful.

02) I binge watched a single season of 10 episodes from a TV series called Good Witch which I have finished in just 3 days. The show is from Netflix and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

03) I love to cook my favourite foods and Yesterday and I prepared Chicken Pulao( Rice prepared with chicken and spices).

04) I made a face mask with gram flour and rose water which I used on my face few days back.

05) I love to declutter my personal space now and then.

06) I love to take Musk Melon juice frequently as it is summer in India. I just feel relaxed after taking juice and my mood becomes happy.

07) I love listening to music.

08) I watched regional movie Sulthan ( in telugu 2021 movie ) during this weekend which makes me happy to watch some different movies.

09) I do my pedicures whenever I feel like.

10) Last but not the least I try to reduce my screen time while using mobile.

So this is how I Pampered myself recently and I hope you liked my post.

How do you Pamper yourself?

Do share with me in the comments section below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

This Is How My Weekend Changed After Pandemic

Life has changed for everyone after the Pandemic and mine too. Earlier I use to go for movie dates with my soulmate and we use to go for lunch too. I really miss those care free days where I can go for a movie, go for lunch/ dinner. I can go for shopping and roam freely in mall. Back then life was pretty simple. But we have nothing do except change our activities according to the current situation. If you are regular reader of my blog you already know my love towards cooking.

Hence I plan every weekend To cook something different and tasty too. Initially I missed going for lunch outside.
But eventually I made up mind to create something interesting in home itself. My plan worked too as my family loved my new recipes which I am cooking after a lot of research from Internet. So my love for eating outside reduced a lot.
I made many new recipes in this lock down. Among many recipes foods like Jeera Aloo and Chicken Pulao became instant hits and they became my signature dishes too and they are Indian cuisine.

I now no need to crave for Biryani which is my favourite food when I can make on my own. Though my Chicken Pulao is not exactly like Biryani but its an alternative. During weekends and special occasions I make sure to make my family feel special with my Signature Dishes. I now make Sponge Cake and some Desserts on weekend.

Coming to movies I do miss going out but we watch now in OTT different series like The Witcher, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Jack Ryan, Wanda Vision are some of the great series in OTT. Even recently I watched The Mandalorian, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are some of the interesting ones. If I write about my favourite series it will be long and I want to write in an another post. We binge watch series and never fail to watch new and favourite movies in OTT.

So I cook, watch TV, have my ME time, listen to music and spend my quality of time with my soul mate are some of my activities during weekend. I never fail to have my ME time because I simply love to recharge and enjoy ME time.
I really love watching TV shows and I will make sure to watch Rom-Com too. I love watching different genres and I simply enjoy it. I even do my self care in weekend.

Life will not be always the same and if there are changes we need to go accordingly. I am lucky to have my family with me and I know for everyone its not the same. However one should be strong and face this because this too will pass.

So this is how I spend my weekend though there will be changes from time to time.

So how are you spending your weekend?

Does your weekend activities changed due to Pandemic?

Do share with me in the comments section below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Weekend and Stay Safe.

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

How Are You Holding Up In These Pandemic Times?

Things have changed drastically with these Pandemic and I wonder how the world is holding up in these tough times. Then I think about my Readers who are staying in different parts of the world and how they are coping up with Pandemic. I am taking every precaution and stepping out only for buying essentials. But its not possible for each of us. Everyone has a different career and its not possible to stay at home always. Everyone are not working from home and there will be need for you to step out according to your purpose.

So I am just writing this post to know how everyone are doing and what are the difficulties you are facing in these though times.

I think your routine has changed totally.
You are missing your loved ones.
Missing your freedom to step out.
Missing your School/ College and many like this.

So I just want to have a chat with my Readers about how they are holding up in these Pandemic times.

I miss those days when everything was so normal. Do you miss your days before the Pandemic.
How are you getting adjusted to the new normal life?

Do share with me in the comments section below:)

How To Stay Positive With Ongoing Pandemic

Hi Everyone hope all of you are doing good and yes I am doing good too. I am blogging after a month and I am very excited to come back. I just took a small break from blogging and I recharged myself too. So with ongoing Pandemic all over the world its a tough time for everyone. In this post I just want to help all of you by how to stay positive with the ongoing Pandemic.

1) First and foremost is Stay Home Stay Safe. Step out only if you need something urgent and if you need to buy essentials. I am following the same too. I step out only when I need something important. This is the way where we can protect ourselves from the ongoing Pandemic.

2) Motivate Yourself: You are the only person who can motivate yourself from time to time. Whenever you are feeling low try to remember your days where you won even though against all odds. I know its not possible in a single day but even its not impossible too.

3) Have ME Time : There is always time for yourself, all you need is to identify those time and utilize it as your ME time.
Do whatever you love it may be simple self care, watching your favourite TV shows, hobbies, Passions, reading books.
Whatever you enjoy make time for yourself as it helps to recharge yourself.

4) Spend Time With Your Loved Ones : Its not possible for everyone to spend time with their loved ones always.
As your loved ones may be in different places, then spend time with them virtually. If you have loved ones around you then don’t miss this opportunity as you are blessed to have loved ones around you then share your thoughts, feelings and you might need any advice from them.

5) Learn Cooking : Though its sounds simple to many of us but at the same time its tough for many to cook. As we already came to know the role of cooking in this Pandemic. To survive we need to eat for that we should know cooking some easy food items. Personally I find cooking very interesting and I love to cook for my loved ones. Just try your hands with cooking you never know you can make wonders and you may fall in love with it.

Though the above things sound simple but they are wonders and I follow them too. You can say they came from my personal experience. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and their loved ones.
Its very important to stay strong at these testing times.

So what do you think about my post?
How are you staying positive lately?

Do share with me in the comments section below ๐Ÿ™‚

How Technology Is Helping Me In The Ongoing Pandemic

Technology was always part of my life due to many reasons. Being Computer Science Engineering Graduate, technology played a major role in my life. Life can be unpredictable but no one thought that life can be give us such surprises where we will find very very difficult from recovering. Due to sudden pandemic things changed drastically like no one could ever imagine. Technology helped many people across the globe.

So right from lock down period technology played a major part in many people lives all over the world. Like many I too can’t imagine life without technology because as it became part of my life. Today I can communicate with all of you because of technology as blogging became an important part of my life. I love to share my thoughts with the world and its a great thing to meet like minded people in WordPress community. All these are possible only because of technology.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have known my love towards cooking. I find cooking very interesting, I love to try different cuisines and treat my family with new recipes. I love learning from cooking blogs, videos and they help me a lot to discover new food recipes. These days I tried several recipes in which almost everything became good and some food items became my signature dishes too. All these things are possible because of the technology and I feel really happy to improve my cooking and try different cuisines easily just sitting from home.

Next I love reading books, so sometimes I depend on my kindle for reading. It helped me a lot during this period and I completed reading many books from kindle. To say I enjoy doing several things from my iPad, mobile,TV, PC etc.
Technology is in many forms and it is helping me to connect with my loved ones in the form of social media.

Technology is helping me in the form of streaming. I enjoy watching different streaming apps and OTT is really helpful to me for watching many TV shows and movies. When I was really missing going for a movie date, technology helped me to watch sitting at home.

Technology is helping me to improve my skills too. I am really blessed for having technology in my life.
As today we can video call and keep contact with our loved ones and do lot of work calls.
Whatever it may be everyone is using technology in different forms and they are getting benefited by them.

I just wanted to thank technology for being part of my life in this testing time. Right from Education, Entertainment, Cooking, Reading, Social contacts and what not. Technology is helping in different ways and I am really happy for that.

So what do you think about my post?
Do share your thoughts:)

Do you love technology?
Share with me in the comments section below:)

I am eager to know how technology is helping you in these testing times.

Question: Are You Adding Questions In Your Blog Posts For Readers?

When I first started blogging I loved to hear from my fellow bloggers. Then I thought one way to increase reader engagement to my blog posts is adding questions at the end of my blog posts. You won’t believe it worked and slowly my readers started answering my questions and there increased reader engagement.

Blog posts are not complete without questions to readers in my blogging journey. I believe they help to have conversations between readers and writers.

So do you agree with me?
Do you add questions in your blog posts for your readers?

Do share your experiences in the comments section below.

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

6 Ways To Promote Your Blog Through Instagram Stories

Many of us like using Instagram but have you ever thought Instagram will help you to build audience for your blog.
If you are already promoting your blog through Instagram then have you thought promoting your blog through Instagram stories.

If you are thinking about that then you are in right place.

You might have a beautiful blog and you are updating consistently. May  be you are a hobby blogger or full time blogger but you definitely need audience.

Each of us are not familiar with SEO and we are just depending on social media. So if are depending on social media let us do in a right way. As I am presently a hobby blogger right now I am not concentrating on SEO.
So I am only depending on Social Media as of now and I am preferring Instagram a lot.
Some of my fellow bloggers are my Instagram followers and I am following my favourite bloggers too.

Around two years back (I am not exactly sure) I created a new Instagram account for my blog. I thought I will work on new account because I want to devote time for promoting my blog through Instagram. I thought it is a right way and I started promoting my blog on Instagram. Things were going at a slow pace the reason behind that was how many new pictures every day I will get to upload in Instagram to promote my blog.

Only after a simple research I found about Instagram stories and that was quite helpful for me. In this post I just want to share my tips, journey of promoting my blog through Instagram stories.

1) Take your viewers Behind the Scenes: Every blogger surely knows what is go behind publishing a blog. So have you ever thought of sharing those scenes with your followers.

Interesting right if I am sharing a recipe in my upcoming blog post. I make sure to take pictures while I am cooking. These pictures I will share in my Instagram stories and ask my followers to guess what I am cooking with those pictures.

Interesting right?

Itโ€™s all your imagination about what you want to share behind the scenes. It all depends upon your imagination and approach towards your followers.

I once was making a sponge cake and shared behind the scenes of sponge cake. I asked my followers to guess about what I am making.

It really went well with my followers and they replied on my question.

2) Conduct a poll:

I love doing a poll the reason behind this is it helps me to understand my followers. Itโ€™s very important to know your followers because these Instagram followers help you grow your audience base. I generally ask them some interesting questions and every time these questions are not limited to blogging. Because here blogger is me and they are audience.

I am the one who is conducting poll and they are the one who is answering. I generally ask them about lifestyle questions. I feel happy when many of them participate in the Poll.

Poll is all about selecting two options and you can also write Yes and No. Once you do the Poll you will definitely feel interesting.

3) Questions:

This is like Ask me a question or ask me anything. You can even ask them anything in the form of a question and they will answer it. You can share their response. This helps to build an interaction with audience. This helps you to know your followers better and even they will understand about your goals, blog and about yourself.

If you want to promote your blog through this option then you can ask them several questions like

1) Have you read my blog?

2) Which topics you want me to post about?

3) Do you love blogging?

4) Have you ever shared my blog post?

5) Do you read lifestyle blogs?

Like above you can ask many questions and sky is your limit to utilise this option.

4) Quiz: This is another useful feature in Instagram where you will get options to select. If I ask a question then there will four options where you should select one option among them. I generally ask them lifestyle questions and also sometimes about blogging questions.

For Example you can ask them about:
1) Which one of these is your favourite book?
2) Which among them is your favourite food?
3) How would you like to spend your Sunday?
4) Which among this you are going do on Weekend?

This is also great feature in Instagram stories which is @MENTION which means you can tag your Instagram followers. Here you can mention their name which is Instagram name and you can write a message for them, thank you, support, congratulate and even you can appreciate your fellow bloggers who are Instagram followers.

6) Create Aa :
This is one of the wonderful feature of Instagram because it helps you to write some content in the story where you can share with your followers.
Once I conducted a poll like with a question
Are you having your ME time?
To my surprise many said NO
That means they are not having their ME time.
So I decided to use Create feature and write about
Tips to have time for yourselves which is ME time.
Surprisingly it became instant hit and many followers responded and liked.
Later I shared the same content to Instagram feed which too got good response.

When you donโ€™t have anything to say then just you can use the gifs where according to the topic you want to ask just use a gif.

Other than these you can also go on live in Instagram. Frankly speaking I never used the live feature and I donโ€™t know the reason behind it. But I just know that it is a wonderful feature in Instagram.
I found going live interesting may be I will try when I will become famous (just kidding).
As everyone have smart phone these days people can easily watch you going live.
You can utilize it for your blog, making interactions with your followers, building up your audience.
Like I already told you that sky is the limit for the ones who want to use Instagram properly for their blog.

In Instagram building followers is really difficult according to my experience. They really need great content, also need it consistently. They just want to know your presence. It will be great if you do some Instagram stories daily and Instagram feed whenever possible (that too consistently)
You can create a brand for your blog so that people can understand and remember your blog.
So all these are not possible in a single day. You have to work hard to achieve new followers and to keep the already existing followers.

I sometimes post my cooking, watching movies/ TV shows, motivational, inspiring posts and whatever which I find interesting in my day today life. I also wish them Happy Weekend, this may look small but it helps you to create a bond between you and your follower.

What do you think about my post?

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Here is my Instagram account.

Do you love sharing stories in Instagram?
Are you promoting your blog in Instagram?

Do share with me in the comments section below ๐Ÿ˜Š
Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

Question: Are You Leaving Comments For The Blog Posts You Like?

Running a blog is not so easy as it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. So publishing a single post goes a lot before it appears in WordPress Reader. So if a blogger is working so hard and publishing some really great content. As a reader its important to support our fellow bloggers. May be its not possible every time you read a blog post. But you can definitely try whenever possible.

I always try to leave comments to the posts which I found great. May be not to all the posts every time but I will do whenever possible. It builds a lot of interaction between your fellow blogger and you. According to me the most exciting thing is replying comments to my readers. I feel really great when my blog is appreciated and supported.
One thoughtful comment to a blog post brings a lot of motivation for the blogger to go ahead in blogging.

So what do you think about my post?
Do you leave comments to the posts which you find great?
Do share with me in the comments section below.

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚