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Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone 🙂
Its been a while I posted here , I took a break from blogging.
Of course I missed blogging and I am here today writing this post.
I was binge watching a lot of web series and I enjoyed every bit of time spent .
I am enjoying my workout sessions too.
I am enjoying reading too.
Of course last but not least my Music ,Movies and Cooking.

So whats going on with you lately ?
Do share with me in the comments below.
Happy Blogging.


Who is your 3am friend?

Friendship is one of the beautiful thing in this world. Everyone has friends but there will be definitely one friend with whom we share every thing and moreover we depend on them. We even share tiny secrets with them.

So there will definitely one friend you can reach at anytime.

My 3am friend is my Soulmate with whom I share everything and anything.

I feel blessed to have a friend like him.

So who is your 3am friend?

Do share with me in the comments below 😊

Happy Weekend ❤️


10 Ways to Say Thank You and to Show Appreciation

Now and then we say Thank You to many people around us.
So why don’t we do it in a different manner this time. May be some need more appreciation with Thank You.
Its really a great feeling to see someone happy by our gestures .
So you might be thinking to whom ,how , etc.
In this post lets see how to show appreciate people who meant a lot to us.

1) Why don’t you cook a surprise dinner for your wife. It not only makes her happy but this small gesture of yours strengthens your relationship .
2)You can watch together a movie or a TV show of your husband’s choice.It definitely makes him happy.
The small gesture of yours makes him understand how much you care or give him importance to his choice.
3)Why don’t you smile and give some water to the person who brings Pizza to your home.
4)You can invite your neighbour for coffee at your home.
5)Write a letter to your high school friend whom you met a long time back.
A hand written letter is a special thing to your friend and its a change for you too.
6)Do you go to salon regularly ,then a smile and Thank you to the Person who did your service makes a lot of difference.
7)Give a surprise visit to your Parents house. They will feel awesome and gets surprised too.
8)If you are a regular reader to someone’s blog. Then why don’t you follow them and show your love and support to their blog.
9)Take your kids to their favorite place during holidays.
10) Surprise your friend by writing something special on their Facebook wall.

Sometimes its not so easy to visit or surprise people around you. But a small Thank You and a Smile will definitely makes a lot of difference and makes everyone happy.
What do you think about my Post ?
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂
Happy Blogging 🙂

Personal Experiences

Question : PlayStation Games or Outdoor Games

So this is the era of computers. Everything is available at our finger tips. There is a great craze for video games, PlayStation and mobile games. Many people love these games. Sometimes I too love playing PlayStation games.

And there are people who love outdoor games.

So in School I use to play a lot of outdoor games. Slowly games took a back seat during higher studies and now I don’t get much scope to play outdoor games.

But if any one asks me to choose then I will definitely choose outdoor games because I love Playing outdoor games like Cricket, Badminton etc.

Even I love cycling.

So what is your choice?

Do share with me in the comments below ❤️

Happy Blogging 😊

Personal Experiences

What Is That One Thing That You Still Love Since Childhood?

Any Guesses?

There are many things I love since childhood and there is one thing it’s difficult to resist and I will be happy having those.

I don’t have them all the time,but only occasionally and every time I have those I feel super happy and those are orange flavoured candies.

So what is that one thing that you still love since childhood and which makes you happy?

Do share with me in the comments below ❤️

Happy Weekend & Blogging


If you feel strongly for something then go for it

Its never too late to follow your heart.
Pursue your Passion .
If you want to learn music then go for it.
If you want to learn cooking , improve your culinary skills.
You can take up anything at anytime.
Just love yourself and go for it.
If you want to do blogging then go for it.
When I started this blog I was never sure whether I can do it or not.
But I had a strong feeling that I can do it and the rest is the history.
The one and only thing you should have is belief on yourself and it will take you to greater heights.

I never wrote a single post about Travel.
But I have a strong desire that I can do it.
I am planning for it very soon.

Everyone is different and has different interests.
If you feel strongly for it then just go for it.
No one can stop it.
Its your life and you can make all the difference in your life.

So what do you think about my post ?
Have you felt anything strongly for something recently ?
Do tell me in the comments below .