A Quiet Weekend

Every weekend has its own beauty and this one was something unique because it was a quiet one.
My Typical weekend will be like (in the link below )

But this weekend was unlike the earlier , I decided to spent both the days at home and it turned out to be the best decision.
I love to spend time in distinct manner. If you are a regular reader of mine , you might have an idea my love for movies (check the link below )


So this is the way I spent my weekend in a quiet manner.

1) I watched three movies in two days and they are :
a) Happy Death Day2U
b) The Prodigy
c) The Final Wish

2) I read some Magazines like Femina and Cosmopolitan.
3)I made Bengali food called Chicken Jhol ( Chicken curry in Bengali style )
4)I had Savouries from outside.
5)The Monsoon started at our Place and I enjoyed with a hot cup of tea.

Why I opted for a Quiet Weekend :
Its relaxing to spend time with your soul mate in Weekends. We both had a great time in other company at home (though we have always) .
I can relax at home and take some rest.
Watch movies ,movies and only movies.
Listening to music, grooming and reading some books were some other activities.
Spent time with my lovely family.
Had some ME time.

So how was your weekend ?
Have you enjoyed ?
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂

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Good Sam Netflix Movie Review

Yesterday I watched Netflix movie named Good Sam .This movie was released on 16th May 2019.
Tiya Sarcar who Played the role of Kate Bradley has vowed audiences with her Performance.
Supporting cast include Chad Connell , Morco Grazzini both Played Tiya’s Sarcar’s love interest.
Movie directed by Kate Melville , shows a Powerful character of a woman in a Promising role.

Good Sam is a story of a broadcast journalist Kate Bradley who is shown to be excelling in her “bummer heat”
reportage. Her intense job takes slightly backseat when she is assigned to report on a mysterious Good Samaritan who has been leaving $100,000 on random doorsteps across New York City.
Though initially Kate was not so much interested to take the job of finding Good Samaritan , but later the job of her becomes Breaking News.

She works with Channel 12 News which happens to be one of the biggest media station in New York City.
In her investigation she meets People who got $ 100,000. She gets Pleasantly surprised when she learns from them that the generosity of Good Sam helped them to not only Pursue their dreams but also to help other People.

Kate meets both her love interests Jack Hensen and Eric Hays. Both of them try to impress her in different ways.
So the rest of the story deals with
1) Whether Kate found the Good Sam or not?
2)So who would be her love interests ?
3)Can she be able to discover the Good Sam who is leaving $100,000 in the front of the house ?

I liked the movie though I expected much Mystery in the movie . Tiya Sarkar fits the Perfect role as Kate Hardley.
The Mystery genre makes me curious to find the who is the Good Sam.
The Channel 12 News gets highest ratings in history when they take the interview of Good Sam , shows the curiosity of the viewers to know generosity of Good Sam and why is helping them in this manner. This shows that People believe in the stories of hope and miracles.
Expected much scenes with her love interest , where their screen space is less.

Highlights :
1)There will be definitely curiosity among the viewers that who will be the Good Sam and why is he helping with disclosing his identity.
2) It motivates us to see the dedication of Kate where she does 100 Percent justice to her job.
3)There is a feel good feeling when we see Good Sam is helping others and People are giving back to the society.
4)Its interesting to see that female character Kate has given importance and story revolves around her.
5)Its inspiring to see that though Kate daughter of a Senator she loves to choose her challenging career and loves to stay independently.

1)You can’t expect much romantic scenes in this Mystery genre between Kate and her love interest.
2)The story of who is Good Sam can be Predicted in the second half the movie ( at least I did )
3)There should be more interesting scenes in the movie.

Overall its a light hearted Mystery movie where we can see how enthusiastically different countries People working together.
You can stream this movie in Netflix, after all who doesn’t like Mystery movies.
I enjoyed the movie 🙂

Have you watched the movie ?
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂
Happy Weekend & Blogging .


Just Be Yourself

Me with my 8th Birthday Present

The above Picture was taken from my 8th Birthday and the bike was my birthday Present from my Parents.
I use to take my bike to school every single day ,I use to miss it very much when I don’t take it.
I was very active in Sports.
We were a group of friends , we love Playing,Playing and Playing.
Those were Precious days of my life.
I use to enjoy being myself.
Things haven’t changed even today,I want to be myself and just myself.
I enjoy being a blogger and I love the work I am doing.
Everyday may not be same,every situation may not be same.
But I have I have the same smile which I had on my 8th Birthday.
Even today I find joy from the smallest things,may be a bunch of selfies makes me happy.
I am happy the way I am and love to Pamper myself.

There is no need to be someone.
You can be at times in different mood.
But at the end of the day its just yourself.
People will love you the way you are.
Many People in their whole lives feel insecure seeing others.
But they don’t know the what they are capable of.

I love being myself and only myself .
What about You ???
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂

Personal Experiences

10 Things I Have To Do More Of Next Month

This month so far is great for my Blogging. My Blog got great response this month and I tried writing different topics like Technology and Beauty . I received much love with both the topics and its quite encouraging for me to write diverse topics. I love writing new topics and this month is a great start for it.
I even posted about behind the scenes .
Check this link for more .


Things I have to do more this Month are :
I am Planning for next month in Blogging

1) Few blog posts on cooking , may be recipes or tips.
2)Love to click more interesting pictures.
3)Write consistently.
4)Blog Posts on various lifestyle topics.
5)Improving my writing skills .
6)Blog on Technology, Beauty and Entertainment.
7)Love to write at least one topic on Travel.
8)Relationship Advice.
9) Improving Photography skills.
10)Writing blog posts much on the topics which my readers like.

Are you Planning anything for July ?
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂

What do you think about my Post ?
Do share with me in the comments 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂