When My Passion Got Pampered


Hello Readers its been a while I posted and I am back with a bang today and I have lot of things to share with you people.

I received a really sweet gift from my sweet heart husband and its called SAREGAMA CARVAAN MINI BLUETOOTH SPEAKER.
I really loved the gift as I am great fond of music and I can take it anywhere.
He knows that I am great fan of music and my passion is pampered here.
Its special features are 251 pre installed songs,USB and Bluetooth.

I felt excited after receiving this precious gift because my passion got pampered here.
I love to hear songs when ever possible and especially when I cook .So I told him now you will get even delicious food.
You can check that in my blog I love to speak about passion.
I feel everyone should have some passions because it keeps us alive.

I have a name for my speaker its mini me’.
Sometimes some special gifts have a special space in my heart.
The surprising thing is that before receiving this gift I hardly know about it.
But my soulmate knows what I love .

I can say its a perfect gift for your loved ones who love music and you will definitely win their hearts .
Now its with me everywhere whatever I do my ‘mini me’ is with me.
Its sound quality is too good and its perfect one even if you have a party at home.

I made separate shelf for my ‘mini me’ and my essentials for cooking.
I slightly decorated too .It feels good when you have decorate something.
I keep my mobile charger too in my shelf.
I feel I am more organised these days.I keep my kitchen apron,burnol for emergency and my recipe book too.

Want to see my desk ?
Check it 🙂
So what do you think about my post ?
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It’s Now or Never

2018-07-24 11.10.00

Walking 🙂

These days I am concentrating on physical fitness a lot and the above picture shows my walking stats.I am trying to do alternately both aerobics and walking .
If I do walking then its like I am walking for 6000 steps or more.
Right now I am concentrating on loosing weight.
I have my goals clear for the rest of the year regarding physical fitness.
I feel its very important to do at least some physical exercises.
So what do you think about my post ?

What’s your exercise routine ?
Do share with me in the comments below 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂


Skyscraper Movie Review

Before starting the review I want to say that I watched this movie on last Saturday and I didn’t get time to review so today I am posting the review.

Director: Rawson Marshal Turber
Cast:Dwayne Johnson,Neve Campbell,Chin Han,Roland Moller
Skyscraper Story : Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson ) who was Former FBI hostage rescue team leader and U.S. war veteran who lost his leg in one of his missions .Presently he assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in Hong Kong,he’s trapped with his family in the tallest building in the world which was suddenly burning fiercely.
So the totally story revolves around Sawyer and his efforts to survive and rescue them.

Skyscraper Review : Dwayne Johnson impresses you with his actions ,though he lost one his leg in a mission .The movie shows clearly the love and affection of family life.
It also shows us when a person loves his family then he can fight against any tough situation and the bonding among the family and the unconditional love towards the family impressed me a lot.
Sarah (Neve Campbell) spontaneous actions are entertaining.She plays a perfect mother protecting the kids.Sawyer’s military training helped him a lot to fight with the bad guys and the Villain. He only thinks about how to rescue his family when the the world’s largest building is under fire. There are many action scenes between Villain and Sawyer.
Why the fire happened and what are the villain motives one should see on the big screen.

Few things I felt the movie should have are little more run time  and the movie should  have shown love story between Sawyer and Sarah.
I felt so because I just want to see their unconditional love story .

I can say that the movie can mark itself under action-thriller and its quite entertaining when watched on the big screen.

Skyscraper is really a worth watching movie for not only fans of  Dwayne Johnson like me,but for all those who like action and thriller movies and also for those who are waiting to see what happens next and next.
So you can check the trailer here 🙂

My New Love Play Station 4 Pro

Recently I posted about trying new things in life and it encouraged me to try new things as much as possible.I can say I find interesting to do some new things .
Frankly speaking I was not much interested in Video games much.During my childhood I used to play only one or two games like Mario .

We recently bought Play Station 4 Pro couple of months back and its my soulmate’s passion.I always see him playing but I never tried nor paid any interested ,but things totally changed yesterday night.

All of sudden I surprised him by saying that I want to play car racing.He then showed me all the basic operations and I played  DRIVECLUB .
I immediately learnt the things and I am impressed with the game.

My husband felt happy and I said you have got company now .I felt really good playing car racing.I learnt from car racing that how to handle the things carefully and taking the control.

It took some time to take the car in my control but I learnt how to play the game and I am going to play again and again.

It feels good to start something new and I feel we should develop more passions.
Passion reduces the stress from our day to day life and we can work with more energy level.

I agree that its difficult sometimes to start new things but once we try we feel interested and it makes us happy too.

We have some collection of games so I am going to try slowly to learn each one .
May be its difficult in the beginning but we have to give a try always.

Learning should never be stopped.Whole life we have to learn new things.

Starting new things ,then this is for you 🙂

So what do you think about my post ,do share with me in comments below:)
So what are your passions?
Do you love playing video games ?
Let’s discuss here 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂



Are we trying to fit in some else’s shoes???

Love yourself 😘

It's My Style Of Living

Each of us have a lot of dreams,passions,desires and to want to achieve all the success in our lives.

The pressure increases when our neighbours ,friends and known people achieve many things in their lives and we start comparing our salary,our home and physical features with others.

Many people know that comparing ourselves with others is going  to take us no where.

Many us get lost and start thinking how can my friend buy a villa when I am not able to achieve it as I am working more harder than him.

The villa is just an example it may be like a uncut diamond necklace or a fancy car or a handsome salary.

Why we are comparing with others when we don’t know whats their journey is all about.

My point is :

1)Your friend have purchased their fancy car with a lot of installments and we don’t know…

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12 Ways To Move On In Life

Of course it’s time to move on 😃

It's My Style Of Living

Many of us definitely might have experienced these condition i.e, to let it go and moving on life.

So the thing is its definitely needed to move on in life because of heart break from broken relationships,death of your loved ones,rejection in love,failed businesses and many more.

Whatever the reason may be, but its time to move on when your heart broken.

Lets see the circumstances which are forcing you to move on in life.

1)Rejection In Love : Its not so easy at it sounds,if you love someone and they are not ready to accept you as you are.They might tell you enough reasons but you are still in love with him/her. I suggest that its better to stay away from him/her when you find the clues that he/she does not have feelings for you .

I say prevention is better than cure.

But if you already proposed and…

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