11 Ways To Make 2021 A Better Year

This is my first post in 2021 and I want to start this post with an encouraging post. After 2020 experience everyone are hoping 2021 to be a better year and I am sharing 11 ways to make 2021 a better year.

01) Invest In Yourself: This is the right time to invest in yourself after going through so much in the past year. If you are good at singing you can invest in a musical instrument, you can invest in an online course for your professional career, you can invest in books if you love reading and you can see the list is endless. Think about yourself and come up with some ideas about your interests and career. Think about what is important for your life ahead. If you are a YouTuber you might need advanced equipment to shoot. If you are a blogger then you can change your blogging plan if you think its the right time to monetize your blog. Investing in yourself is the best idea if you want to have productivity in your life.

02) Focus On What You Can Control: After we had our own share of experiences its difficult to come out from them. But I think every day is not same so why to stick to past and why not improve our future. I think we should focus on only things which we can control, not on the things which we can’t control. We should come out from the thoughts that what future holds for us instead we should focus on the things which we can control like things which can be possible and not the things which are not possible.

03) Let Go Of Expectations: Do not hope too much about future as we have seen how life can be unpredictable. Do not have too much expectations because 2020 is the big example for it.
Its right thing to have goals but too much expectations at least this year 2021 is not that much advisable. Things are really delicate at the moment so its better to have some goals but do not have so much expectations.

04) Connect More: Its really advisable to connect more, before feeling lonely connect with your loved ones. At this point being mentally fit is quite important, its tough to keep calm in tough situations but its not impossible too. Connect with your friends and family from time to time.

05) Appreciate More: Sometimes we take everything for granted, last year has been a great example how even small things can become difficult. So let us appreciate even the small things around us. Appreciate our loved ones, may be you can cook for your loved ones, surprise them, be happy with the things around you.

06) Make Room For self care: Sometimes we do all the hundred things but we lack taking care of ourselves. Its very important to have a self care routine. Practice some self care routine and I am sure you will love it.

07) Save More: I guess most of us understood about the importance of savings last year. We should always plan for a rainy day. We never know what is going to happen ahead as life is really unpredictable. We should always save some amount from our savings so that when we are in need of money we can utilize the money and get relieved.

08) Learn Cooking : Many of us have gone through that period where we checked online recipes for cooking. We should atleast learn basic cooking to survive. If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have already know my love towards cooking. I am saying to become expert in cooking but learn basic foods so that you can survive in tough times. However there are lot of videos and blogs online just try from them I am sure you will definitely love cooking once you try.

09)Monetize Your Passion: This Pandemic brought many talented people to internet, may be some are making vlogs and some blogs. Whatever it is if you think you have certain skill then its right time to Monetize your passion. Who knows you will be successful in your field otherwise you might earn certain extra cash which you can use for your expenses. Either way there is no loss for you.

10)Commit to eat Healtier: Being healthy is quite important and every one knows there is a saying “Health is Wealth”. Maintain a healthy diet and try to eat healthy food and maintain good lifestyle. If you are fit you can take care of your loved ones too.

11)Review Your Past Year: After the Pandemic things have really gone worst so just review your Past Year. where you can improve yourself and what skills you need to learn, how can you make this year better and best.

So above are the 11 things for a better year 2021.

What do you think about my post?

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Happy Sunday 🙂

Wishing You A Happy New Year 2021

Wishing a very happy new year to all my Readers and fellow bloggers. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in this year. Hope everything becomes normal again. I hope everyone is celebrating New Year with their loved ones. Stay Safe and enjoy. Lets hope for the best.
I am celebrating this year at home with my family. I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead.
Happy Blogging too.

A Thank You Note for My Readers

As this year 2020 is ending I thought of sharing a Thank You Note for my Readers. Because you people encouraged me to write and share my thoughts with the world. Without your support it would have been impossible for me to write and continue my journey. So I decided to dedicate this post for all my Readers from all over the world who take time to like, comment and share my blog posts. I feel excited when I notice a like or comment because I just feel that my work is appreciated by my Readers.

Though 2020 is really a challenging year for everyone, I was not that much consistent in blogging but I tried my level best to write and share my thoughts with the world. There came a great milestone of 550 plus followers to my blog. I really appreciate the support from my readers who consistently supporting me and giving me a lot of hope to move forward. Blogging is not a destination but its a journey. A journey where I am not travelling alone but with me all my Readers too.

If I write blog posts and without your support I can’t move ahead. I am very happy to tell Thank You Readers who are with me right from the beginning, some joined in the middle and some are joining everyday.
I started my blogging almost 4 years back as a hobby but now I spend more time in blogging.
These 4 years were really great for me in blogging. I learnt a lot of new things and I shared some new things to my readers too. I am very glad that you people are supporting me. I am thankful to WordPress too for providing a great opportunity to connect with bloggers all over the world.

I am very confident to continue my journey ahead with all your support. I really appreciate everyone for taking part in my journey and being with me in this blogging journey.

Do share something about my blog.
I would love to hear from you.

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An Open Letter To 2020

Dear 2020,

Its only 9 days, I am staying with you. So before leaving and going ahead I just want to talk with you.
We both know its been a very tough year and I know you don’t have anything to save this world but you are like everyone fingers crossed and waiting for the right time waiting this Pandemic to get cured.
At the beginning of 2020 with lot of hopes and dreams in their minds and hearts started this.
Initially everything was alright but after a few months things changed drastically and people started to panic due to Pandemic. Masks, sanitizer and social distancing was and is only the option to survive.
Many people lost their loved ones, became scared and financially unstable.
Quarantine became need of the hour and people got stuck in different parts of the world unable to meet their families.

I know its tough for you to see and hear all these things which happened and also are happening everywhere.
Like everyone I am also following the masks, social distancing and sanitizer.
Then came the lock down which was literally new to everyone but everyone followed it and only came outside for buying essentials.
Things then took a drastic turn with only one motto Stay Home Stay Safe which was trending everywhere.
People adjusted to the new normal lives where there is no option of going out without masks.
Masks has became a new accessory and I am grateful to it as it is protecting lives of people all around the world.
Then there came work from home, Virtual learning, Social distancing everywhere.
Though initially everyone got panicked things slowly got to settle down after a couple months later.
People started to adjust to new normal lives.

Many of us as front line employee with their duties helping people as much as they can.
Due to work from home people started staying at home and spending majority of time with their families.
There increased the family time and improved understanding among family members.
There became an increase need to learn cooking due to lock down.
There became an increase demand for cooking videos online.
Some started cooking as a hobby and some learned for necessity.

There came the need for people to understand the importance of saving money.
As there is no option than staying home the entertainment came in the form of OTT.
People got adjusted to the new normal lives staying at home, watching Web series, celebrating birthdays at home with family baking cakes for them.
People started depending more on online shopping.
Technology helped people in many ways.

I became consistent in blogging because I thought its a way to share my thoughts with the world.
I know 2020 its hard for you to hear all these things but people also learned many new things this year.
Everyone understood how unpredictable life can be.
Can’t take anything for granted in life.
We learnt new things, we understood how things can go worse up to a great extent and how unpredictable life can be.
People understood the importance of balancing life.
Many indulged in new hobbies as they gave them relief to the current situation.

Though things were brutal, scary, sad and unpredictable.
We managed to fight and also we are fighting as much as we can.
Though there are problems but we are trying to overcome too.
The only protocol is wearing masks, fight with the Pandemic and always maintain social distance.
After 9 days its New Year 2021, I wish things will become normal next year.
I know its hard for you too for seeing everyone getting troubled but we have nothing to do only to take care and move forward.
I just want to tell 2020 that though there were troubles and difficulties everyone you gave us a chance to overcome and stay strong.

Manisha Reddy.

5 Simple Ways To Make Someone Feel Really Special

Imagine if its your birthday and someone you love sent you a birthday card with note and flowers.
How would you feel?
Exciting right?
So what if you surprise someone whom you love with making them feel special.
Long back when I was in college some of my friends organized a surprise birthday party then and I felt really happy. I too love making my loved ones feel special.
Even today I love to bake a cake for my loved ones for their birthdays.
So in this post I want to share some simple ways to make someone feel really special.

1) Spend Time With Them :
The precious gift you can give someone is spending some time with them.
Talk with them.
Share your feelings and share your memories you spent together.

2) Make Their Favourite Food:
If you enjoy cooking then cook their favourite meal.
It can be as simple as making a sweet dish.
With all the ingredients the love you add matters a lot.

3) Make Their Birthday Special:
Organize a small birthday party and make them feel that how much you care for them.
You can bake a cake for them and make special for them.

4) Write them a Note :
Nothing gets better then this because its a great chance to express your feelings and write them a note about how much you love them and care for them.
Write them how you feel and how special they are in your life.

5) Learn something new together:
May be learn dancing or enjoy singing together.
As there are lot of videos about new things in online.
All that matters is spending time together and making memories.

There are so many people in our lives whom we love and want to make them feel special.
It doesn’t need lot of money to make them feel special.
But all the things we need is time, effort and innovative ideas.
Sometimes a simple thing like how much you love them works like wonders.
Never loose your loved ones because they are really special in your life.
Making someone special especially times likes these is the greatest gift you will be them.
Your loved ones need your support and love.

So what do you think about my post?
How can you make someone you love special?
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Importance of “About Page” for a Blog

Today I was reading some blog posts of my fellow bloggers and I was directly going to About Page and I saw beautifully written words about the Author with the photograph.
I was so much impressed by the words which made me realize that I haven’t updated my About Page in ages. I updated my About Page after a long time and while I was reading the previous bio, I felt I have grown a lot as a blogger where now I can write stuff much better than before.
So I decided to share this post with my readers.
To see my About Page click here.
Many might be thinking why it is so important to have About Page.
Reasons why you should have About Page are:
01) The face behind the blog.
Every one searches for the person who is writing the blog posts.
02) Readers want to connect with the writers.
03) They want to know about you.
04) Readers just want to know what’s your blog all about.
05) People want to know what are your interests.
06) They want to know your Name.
07) People want to know from where you are.
08) Readers want to know how you can help them.
09) People want to know about your blog journey.
10) Readers want to know your likes and dislikes.
Therefore I think creating About Page plays a major role in the growth of the blog.
Some facts about you is never harm for your blog.
About Page makes the readers understand your confidence, taste, aspirations, your blog and facts about your life.
You are the face of the blog so a picture of yours if you are comfortable sharing is definitely a plus for your blog. I shared a lot of facts and interests about me in my Page.
These are the reasons why I shared my About Page with my readers.

So do you agree with me?
Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Happy Blogging 🙂

Question: What Is The Biggest Blogging Mistake You Made In 2020?

Every one wants to write engaging blog posts and post consistently as much as they can.
I too think so as I love to blog and I try my level best to write engaging content in my blog posts.
So after all we are human beings and we have the tendency to go wrong sometimes at least.
Like everyone I too had a great start in blogging this year but I could not post consistently during lockdown period. I was very busy with other things that I hardly got time for posting content.
Although I made up writing my experiences and ideas after the lockdown.
But I missed some months of this year where I couldn’t blog consistently.
So I believe I will post consistently in 2021 as much as I can try.
Whenever I sit for blogging I feel really good and I had great experiences in blogging this year.

So What is the biggest blogging mistake you made in 2020?
Do share with me in the comments section below 🙂
Happy Sunday 🙂

My Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2020

I love to mention my most viewed blog posts at the end of the year because a single blog post to get published I go through so many processes so if the blog post is appreciated then my happiness have no bounds. I want to share with you my top 5 blog posts of this year.
1) 10 Motivational Blogging Tips For New Bloggers:
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2) 10 Life Lessons 2020 Has Taught Us:
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3)10 Things About Myself:
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4) Behind The Scenes of My Cooking:
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5) The Importance of Enjoying Your Own Company:
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Hence above are my most viewed blog posts of this year.
In case if you missed any of these you can check it out.
I really want to keep this post short and just say
Happy Weekend Everyone 🙂
Have a great time 🙂

10 Life Lessons 2020 has Taught Us

The other day I was thinking that we are about to finish this year 2020 and enter into the new year 2021. Each one of us have experienced different problems in this year and those experiences are difficult to forget.
This Pandemic has hit us very badly and its been difficult for each one of us. Some got affected Personally, Professionally and some in both ways.
So its been a tough year, each of us are trying to stay home and stay safe.
Stay Home Stay Safe was and is trending ever since Pandemic has hit us.
So as we are left with 21 days to finish this tough year, I want to share some of my thoughts on what 2020 has taught us.
01) Life is Unpredictable :
First and foremost thing we have learnt is to a greater extent life is unpredictable like you never know about what is going to happen tomorrow. Each one of us welcomed this year with great dreams and hopes.
But we never thought that life can be this much unpredictable.
Many of us got affected in different ways because we failed to notice that life can be this much unpredictable.
We plan many things but its not compulsory that all our plans should happen successfully.
Many might have planned different things in their lives but 2020 was not a favourable year for aims and aspirations of ours.
02) Finance:
Managing finance is an important thing to take care.
We have to save for the rainy day, because as I said life can be so much unpredictable.
Each of us should try to save some money of our income to savings and investments as much as possible.
It doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our happiness but its important to balance our lives.
Every one may not be an expert in managing finances but definitely our experiences teach us to aim for fruitful goals.
03) Learning at least basics of Cooking:
We all know the value of cooking in this Pandemic. Many of us may never tried cooking and there became need for food. So to survive in this world we should definitely learn at least some basics of cooking.
Once you try cooking its so interesting and you might end up trying new dishes too.
Learning to cook helps us in different ways and may be it will end up as a hobby too.
04)Enjoying your own company:
It might strange to many who can’t stay alone but its very important to enjoy your own company.
You should definitely enjoy your ME time and also sometimes spend time with yourself.
It doesn’t mean that if you are spending time alone that mean that you are alone.
Many of us definitely learned the importance of enjoying our own company.
I recently wrote a post about hobbies.
If you have not seen that then you should definitely check this one.
People who didn’t have much hobbies have faced a lot of problems this year in this Pandemic.
I wrote a detailed post about hobbies check the link above.
06) Home Sweet Home:
We understood the importance of home because we spent months and months at home.
We are working from home and the role home played in this Pandemic is enormous.
Its very important to arrange our home according to our needs.
Home is not only build with bricks and cement but it also built with with trust, happiness and souls.
07) Exercising at home :
One should always be comfortable to workout at home.
Learning some yoga helps us a lot because its very important to stay fit in this crisis.
Meditation helps us to keep us fit mentally.
08) Gratitude:
We should be happy with what we have because we have seen worst things in this Pandemic.
We should try to do things or utilize the things which we already have.
Because this Pandemic hit us very badly and many people are covering still now.
09) No Food Wastage:
We should learn not to waste food as there are people who are waiting for a single meal and many people are unhappy professionally.
Minimize food wastage and use the leftovers to make new recipes.
Cook enough amount of food so that there are no leftovers.
10) Kindness:
This is a thing which we have learnt a lot.
How much we speak about this that much less.
We have seen many people helping us and we are also helping others.
We should be kind to others because we never know what others are going through.

I think these are some of the things that 2020 has taught us.
If I miss any thing kindly add your thoughts.

What are your thoughts?
Do share with me in the comment section below:)