Hey Weekend,You Were Awesome

Hi Bloggers 🙂
I think everybody are ready to welcome Christmas and New Year.
So that excitement didn’t stop me celebrating the last Weekend.
My Weekend was just awesome and I was very eager to share my experiences with all of you.
Then what are we waiting ?
So lets get started 🙂
If you are regular reader of my blog then up to now you would have been familiar that I love watching movies.
So I always try to catch up with great movies.
OK I am coming into details.
Saturday :
Is the day which I have been waiting from Monday.
The day where I can recharge myself completely and spend quality of time with my husband.
 I had a day out with my Soulmate on Saturday.
We watched AQUAMAN movie and the above picture which is nicely decorated is from the same mall we have visited in Hyderabad,India.
The movie was just awesome and I enjoyed to the peaks.
When I go to malls I love window shopping and I did some.
Then we did our grocery shopping .
Many people generally are not so much interested in grocery shopping but I enjoy it.
I love it because ,I take the best grocery  items so that I won’t have any trouble at the last minute during cooking.
We watched one more movie at home on Saturday night and it is A Simple Favor.
The movie was a comedy plus Mystery and it was simply superb.
Oh forgot to add we had nice donuts from Dunkin Donuts.
I made dinner that  night with fresh fish we bought.
That’s how Saturday night ended with great experiences.

Sunday :
Sunday I got up early around 7 am and finished my cooking for lunch and that day also its non veg food . After all the grooming and fresh up.
We had lunch and we had movie marathon.
We watched Bollywood movie Badhaai Ho and Hollywood movie Final Score.
Both movies were pretty good and Sunday evening we had some chit chat.
Before sleeping I got ready for the Monday Schedule. 
This is how my Sunday ended by having some beautiful Bengali sweets.

I feel happy that I and  my husband are movie buffs and we discuss about various stuff which includes movies and technology.
I just wanted to write some different post this Monday and this post is came into existence.
Everyone has Monday Blues and I am no exception.
I felt happy to share my weekend activities with my fellow bloggers.
So if we think , we can make Monday also beautiful .
Just check this out .
Lets enjoy our Monday and at the same time waiting for another beautiful Weekend.

So what are you shopping for Christmas this year ?
Are you planning for a vacation?
How did your weekend go ?
What do you think about my post and did you enjoy it ?
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂
Happy Blogging 🙂


Life is all about setting right priorities

Setting right priorities

So whats goes wrong with your friend and yourself when she can manage to eat home made food and you are unable to do it.
And you are surprised to see that many of your colleagues manage to keep the information of current affairs.
When you visit your home you will be surprised to see your mom went for walking.
You are jealous about your sister’s  grooming?
Then you want to shout loudly and say life is a mess .

If you think so this post is definitely for you.
Many things contribute for  having proper lifestyle.Like discipline,hard work,smart work.
So what are these priorities and why we should have these?
Priorities are nothing but according to yourself choosing wisely which thing is necessary to do and which is not.
Which thing should be done first and then which thing next.
Okay let me give one example of my life.
After getting up in the morning if I sit for writing my blog then my life will become mess for sure or if I start watching TV then for sure I am going to have a bad day.
Then what I am going to do ,I have my own priorities like I will fresh up and cook for my husband because he will be leaving for work.
So if I am done with my cooking then I can understand that I am going to have a great day.
Later I do my personal things ,house hold work,entertainment,blogging and many more.
So its just an example that I have my own priorities and have time for fitness,grooming,TV etc .
I never deprive myself from ME time because it keeps me happy,relaxed and balanced.

The above mentioned things suited for my lifestyle and it varies from person to person.I always try not to procrastinate things as much as possible,but I am not keeping well with my fitness due to some reasons.
I keep my cooking time different and I will bounce back with my fitness coming year.

I just wanted to say that we have to plan our days Weekdays and Weekends properly and give time for everything ,ME time,having fun,working hard,
grooming,reading newspapers and eating healthy meals.

What my life may be not yours,there may be a day were your children may be driving crazy and you have a important presentation the very  next day.
To deal with these situations the plans should be done early.
Not to procrastinate,giving time for family,sleeping properly.
Having a disciplined life.
So this list goes on and we have to Motivate ourselves and lead a happy ,healthy life.

What do you think about my post ?
Are you setting proper priorities ?
Do tell me in the comments below 🙂
Happy Blogging 🙂
Sharing is Caring 🙂

Thank You 2018 For Treating me well

This year to end after some days but I want to write about this post earlier as I am more excited for the new year 2019  to come and Facebook too sent me my total year video so I got this idea to write about this post.
I need to thank Facebook for this idea.Right ??
So lets start this post now .

When every single day is different and think about a year.A lot of hopes,wishes , goals each year we dream of and I am no exception for this.
Like every one each year I dream of many wonderful things happen to me and my loved ones.I also think everyone should be happy in this world.
I love my blog and pretty much in love with it .I love to spend time for my blog and read new posts of my fellow bloggers.When we just get excited for a single weekend then think about the a brand new year.

Pretty excited right?
Yes, me too .
First I want to thank God for giving me such a great year.
Yes,2018 year was pretty good and like many I too think about resolutions.
Though I may not fulfill every single resolution of mine but having some resolutions is interesting right?
So I am going to share my resolutions in another new post.
So in this post first I thank my loved ones who supported me in my ups and downs .Then I want to thank all my readers not only for likes,comments,follows. But also for the support by viewing my posts and supporting to go ahead.

You people inspire me to write new and innovative things in each post.
So keep supporting me like you did last year.
Though I have many passions,blogging is one of my favorite.
My other passions also helps me in my overall development and I get motivated to do more and more.

This year was pretty good.Like we celebrated our birthdays,anniversaries,laughed,smiled,celebrated every moment together,blogged,invented new recipes,surprised,took care of health,danced,watched new movies,web series and the list goes on.
I believe every moment with your loved ones are special.

There were some down moments too.I have to concentrate more on my fitness.Then I felt its life we get all ups and downs.But its us who have to get up ,smile and think all these are part of life.Its us who have to deal with all the difficult movements and stay strong.Its only our hard work and determination going to accomplish our goals.Need to take care of our health and its the most important thing for me and everyone.

I try to make every moment special and have my ME time .I believe that everyone should have their own ME time and the most important thing is love yourself which I do. I always try to move one in life and feel life is short and make most of it.

So finally 2018 you were pretty good.
So 2019 I wish you should be awesome.
So my resolutions will be coming in next post 🙂

What do you think about my post ?
What are your experiences this year?
Do tell me in comments below 🙂
Happy Blogging 🙂

Weekend Special Is Use What You Have

Unlike other days this weekend is little different which is Use What you have means I am not going outside to purchase anything, not going for a date with my husband, not watching movie outside,not purchasing any grocery.

So what I am going to do is just using what I have at home.Like I have some left over breads so I am going to prepare dessert called Bread pudding with them, like we will be having this vegetarian this weekend.

I have lot of unused grocery like Toor dal (Pulses),Vegetables, Ghee, Eggs,Fruits etc.

So I will using all these and making different recipes and we will be having those and enjoying with a movie, Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and many more.

So Why I Took Desicion

I wanted to spend this weekend in this way because I have some many leftovers, unused groceries etc.

I need to finish all of them and new year is coming soon. So I wanted to start this year in a different way buying all the new items, making different foods.

What Happens This Way

A lot happens this way we can save money, time, energy and also starting this weekend in a different manner.

We can take rest also and enjoy at home. And having vegetarian sometimes in weekend feels good too.

I feel this way is perfect this weekend to start in a different manner.

With the saved money this Weekend we can save it or spend it later.

Whatever it feels good when all the unused groceries will be spent and there will be no wastage at home.

And new recipes also I can make means lot of innovation also used here.

I feel like spending every weekend in a different manner.

So what do you think about my post?

How you are spending your weekend.

Do let me know in your comments below ❤️

Happy Weekend and Blogging 😊

Top Five Most Visited Posts Of This Year Of Mine

Every post is my favorite and I can’t choose any five among all but for my readers sake I choose top five posts of this year so that if you miss any of my top posts you can view here.
So the weekend starts soon just enjoy my posts here.I just want to say that before writing any post I keep my heart and soul before publishing it and I want to make each post a beautiful one.
The below links are for my top posts.






What do you think about my top posts ?
Do tell in the comments below 🙂
Happy Blogging 🙂
Happy Weekend 🙂

Bucket List Movie Thoughts:Why every one should have their own List

Bucket List Movie (Marathi)

I love to see not only different genres in movies but also good movies in different languages.As we took Netflix ,I was browsing the other day and what caught my attention was Bucket List Movie which is basically Marathi movie.But to watch a good movie  language is never a barrier when we have subtitles in Netflix. So after watching movie I couldn’t stop praising the movie and then I thought I will write a post here.

STORY: The story is Mathura (Madhuri Dixit Nene) who is 41 gets her heart donor who is about 20 years old Sai. Mathura is a home maker and performs her duties religiously.She stays in a family where she not only have in-laws but also a grand mother in-law who is quite funny.
She has two kids and loving husband.So the story is all about the young donor Sai has a bucket list and which will be fulfilled by Mathura.

Things I got Attracted : Madhuri Dixit steals the show with her smile and reminds us why every one should have their own bucket list.
Though she got heart transplantation she takes it in a positive spirit.
She never worries about herself but she will think about her family and especially kids.
The surprising thing is that how she wants to fulfill the wishes of her donor only after a few weeks of her operation shows the humanity of Mathura.
Her donor some strange  wishes like  getting arrested,meeting Ranbir Kapoor,getting drunk.
The way she fulfills are so funny and spontaneous and she even learns to ride Harley Davidson bike.
In the movie you will be entertained by Mathura’s Smile,Determination,Courage,Positive Attitude.

What I Learnt From The Movie :
1)The first thing I learnt is that we should have our own bucket list.
2)We should be positive minded.
3)Whatever the consequences be we should be strong minded.
4)We should learn new things.
5)We should make everyday special.
6)Age is never a barrier for learning anything.
7)We should always speak what we think and what we believe.
8)Always we should have our own ME time.

The one thing movie teaches is love yourself first and it was pleasant to see Mathura’s self discovery.

Its streaming on Netflix now.

What do you think about my post ?
Do tell me in the comments below .

What a surprise!

Before reading this post you need to check the link below.Then you can understand the emotions of this post.


I think everyone likes surprises and I love them the most. When someone will give you some gifts for an occasion we feel great.But when someone surprise you with unexpected gifts then its awesome .
Right ?
Life is very short and why don’t we do things in a way that it brings smile on your loved ones.Yes I am coming to point I got these gifts from my  in-laws when they visited their native place Kolkata,India.

I mentioned in earlier posts I have great fascination for earrings and neck pieces.Especially if they are artificial I love them more than gold.
Kolkata is a great place and their we get a great collection of artificial jewellery.

Check the above post ,I have written on Kolkata.
So when they surprised with the above gifts I felt great.
Its just awesome when your loved ones show their love in this way too.
Life is nothing when you don’t have your loved ones.
So why don’t we surprise them,pamper them at least sometimes.

The feeling when you surprise is great .
The feeling when someone surprise you is awesome .

What do you think about this post ?
When was the last time when some one surprised you?

Did you surprise you in-laws?
Why don’t you try ,its just a great feeling.

I love getting pampered .
How about you ?

Do tell me in the comments below.
Happy Blogging 🙂