3 Ways To Create Fresh Content For Your Blog

I love reading different types of Magazines and I just wait for new edition every week.
Why do I wait?
Because I need fresh content and who doesn’t.
In the same way your readers too wait for your new blog posts.
Creating new posts regularly is not an easy task.
Lot of research, getting new ideas, Reader’s block and much more goes behind creating new blog posts.
But the happiness we get after our blog posts gets appreciation is beyond the words.

So In this post I want to share ways to create fresh content for your blog.
Lets check it out.

1) Check Your Old Blog Posts:
Read your old blog posts and you will definitely get new ideas from your previous blog posts.
You can even extend those blog posts with fresh content.
I read my blog posts now and then.
I really enjoy reading my previous posts.
So this is a way where you might be getting new ideas for fresh content.

2) Your Experiences:
Who doesn’t have experiences may be sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so great.
Share your experiences with your readers and what you have learnt from them.
They will definitely going to love your posts.

3) Tell a Story :
Remember when we were kids we can’t sleep without stories.
That means if kids love stories and we will be jumping for one.
I really like stories and I read lot of fiction books.
A story need not be a new one or one you have to create.
It can be anything from your life.
You can see I love sharing my stories with my bloggers and I get positive response always.

So if there is a will there is way.
The fresh content is everywhere all we need is to observe and capture.
So I believe you people liked this fresh content blog post of mine.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Happy Blogging 🙂
Happy Weekend:)

The Importance Of Enjoying Your Own Company

Once upon a time when I came to Hyderabad after the completion of my engineering I use to stay in a hostel and go for software courses.
There I met a girl who use to stay in the same hostel in a near by room. After few days we became friends and I got surprised by her nature.
The surprise is a pleasant one because she has got great qualities.
The one among them is she will have great time even if no one is her company.
She enjoys herself like she don’t need to depend on anyone she has her ways to have great time.
She can watch TV for long time, spends time listening to music, does her study, pampers herself, sleeps and what not.
So one day I asked her if she really enjoys her company.
She said she loves to have time for herself and enjoys every moment of it and also she mentioned that she don’t need to depend on some other person for having great time.
Her best friend is herself.

I was moved after conversation with her that how calm and prepared she is and how nicely she is enjoying herself with no one beside her and this doesn’t meant that she is introvert.
She is a great going person and social too.
But she enjoys her time nicely even if someone is not with her.

Okay I told this story because of a reason during lockdown may be many of us got struck in other places or we ended up staying alone.
Many people are not used staying alone and it might had a great impact on them.

So In This Post I will share how to enjoy your own company.

1) Have ME time.
2) Read, Read & only Read.
3) Start a new hobby.
4) Start a YouTube Channel.
5) Start a Blog.
7) Binge Watching
8) DIY
9) Decluttering
10) Gardening
11) Cooking
12) Baking
13) Sleeping
14) Self Care
15) Just go for a walk

The above 15 are some of ideas where you can enjoy your own company and you don’t need anyone to help you with.

Its very important to enjoy our own company.
In the process of enjoying our own company we discover many new things about our self.
We enjoy our ME time.
We can survive during those times when no one is around us.
We can be calm and have different experiences when we are our own company.
So sometimes its better to have a great company with ourselves than having some others who can’t give us a great company.

So what do you think about my post?
Do share your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

Question: One Thing You are Missing Right Now?

So after long time I am posting a question to my readers, its that what is the one thing you are missing right now.
I want to answer the question myself too.
Due to this Pandemic things have changed drastically and its different things different people are experiencing.

So right now I am missing is my Chicken Sizzler.
That’s one of my favourite food which I use to have in one of my favourite place.
They make this amazing sizzler.
I want to try making a steak, which is under process.
But I am sure one day I will try making Sizzler, the day is not so far.

So what is the one thing you are missing right now?
Do share your experiences in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

5 Things That Waste Our Time During The Day

Today I am coming with an interesting topic and I hope it will be useful for every one.
Today I want to talk about the 5 things which waste our time during the day.
So let’s get started.

1) Using Mobile Phone Just After Getting Up :
Many of us are so much got used to mobile that we definitely want to check out our notifications just after getting up.
After checking mobile we just go after the apps which we use regularly.
Many of us may find interesting but unknowingly it eats our valuable time. We can schedule certain fixed time for using mobile where we can check everything at same time.

2) Not Planning Our Meals :
A regular reader of my blog already knows that how much I am interested in cooking.
I always have a solid idea what to cook for the next day.
I check my Pantry and refrigerator previous day and I come to conclusion about what to cook for the next day.
It saves a lot of time for me when I start cooking because there is no confusion about what to cook and whether there are ingredients ready or not. I am well prepared so my time don’t get wasted during the day.

3) Social Media :
I think there are very few people these days who don’t use the social media. We are so used to scrolling and we never notice how much of our time is getting wasted.
I too use Social Media but I am trying hard to use it when ever required or I am allocating certain time for Social Media.

4) Not Being Organised :
I can’t tell that I lead a super organised life but I make sure that things are going in the right way.
I always note in Google Keep (app) Whenever I need something or I want to do something later in the day, next day, next month.
I note the things required in grocery, TV shows I need to watch, my blog post ideas, to-do list and what not.
This helps me the things to go in the right manner.

5)Prioritising The Wrong Things:
Its very important to Prioritise the right things.
It happens with me sometimes that I end up using time for wrong things.
Suppose I set my time for some self care but I end up using time for some binge watching a TV show.
This is how we get distracted to wrong things.
We should be particular about the things which we have to do.
Its really tough to not to get distracted but its not impossible too.

So what do you think about my blog post?
Do share with me in the comments
section below 🙂

Happy Weekend & Happy Blogging

Things We Can Learn After Watching The Movie “Wonder”

Long Time back I watched trailer of the movie “Wonder”.
I liked the movie so much that I want to watch the movie instantly.
But it got delayed and Yesterday I watched the movie “Wonder”.
I got inspired a lot after watching the movie and I wanted to share my thoughts with the Readers in my blog.

Story: A 10 year old boy named Auggie who was born with facial congenital deformities is home schooled by her mother.
When Auggie becomes 10 years old then her mother plans to get him admit into the school.
So the story revolves around the Auggie, his Parents and Via who happens to be Auggie’s sister.

Things we can learn After watching “Wonder”

1) No one is Perfect.
2) You never know what is going to happen unless you do certain thing.
3) There is no need at all to worry about your imperfections.
4) How Family becomes your strength if you share your feelings and experiences with them.
5)Always Be kind.
6)Having Friends is the coolest thing in our lives as they play a major role in our lives and school friends are always special.
7)There is a lot of life ahead and always don’t worry to look great.
8)Dreams helps us to build our future.
9)We are not alone.
10) You never know what someone is going through in their lives.

Such a heart warming movie, I felt really touching and this is definitely is one of the greatest movie I saw so far.
I will definitely recommend this movie and I am sure you will definitely enjoy after watching the movie.

So what do you think about my post?
Have you watched the movie?
Do share you
r thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

5 Things This Lockdown Has Taught Us

I still remember the day when lockdown started for the first time where everyone were staying at home.
People were working from home, stepping out for only essentials, maintaining social distance from others.
So let’s check out what this lockdown has taught us.

1) Slow Down : In this age people are so busy that they hardly had time for their loved ones.
Many of us were so busy in their lives that they rarely had time to appreciate smaller things in their lives.
Smaller things like reading a book, spending some quality of time with loved ones.
So suddenly this lockdown taught us to slow down and appreciate the wonderful things around us.
Spend some really quality of time with loved ones.
Just having coffee together and sharing some thoughts together.
So I guess after the lockdown many of us understood the fact of slowing down.

2) Self Love : We do many things a day and we keep ourselves so busy that sometimes we forget to love ourselves.
Self Love is nothing but having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness.
May be during lockdown people starting realising the value of self love.
Its quite important to stay healthy both physically and mentally.
During this lockdown many of us started doing exercising , yoga and meditation. We even started exploring our interests which were far away before. Pampering ourselves is a great example of self care.

3) There is always room for creativity :
As many of us were working from home there was a great chance for creativity. Many people started YouTube channels, blogging, art, etc.
Lockdown proved that how creativity can change a Person’s life.
There were chances that in this lockdown people decided to change their careers, follow their passion.
There were so much demand for cooking blogs or videos because people who doesn’t know cooking to people who want to try new recipes started watching and reading in internet.
So many found their inside talent and creativity showed its power.

4) Save Something for a rainy day :
As lockdown announced their are so many changes in different types industries. Many changes happened to people who are working.
So its always necessary to save for a rainy day.
Life is so unpredictable and there is a state of expect the unexpected.
So lockdown definitely taught the factor of money management.
The importance of money in everyone’s life.

5) We are adaptable to tough situations:
There became a sudden drastic change everywhere.
People were allowed only for buying essentials.
So suddenly our lifestyle changed to a great extent.
We stooped going to movies, eating outside, doing all household work by ourselves, cooking at home, can’t travel, shopping.
But inspite of everything we survived.
We got adjusted to new lifestyle and we are starting living new life style different from earlier.

So what do you think about my post?
Do tell me in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

I Am Happy To Be Back After A Break

My last post was around one month back and I observed some really great things with my blog.
I used to read some blog posts of my fellow bloggers and during that time I used to check my stats.
I was surprised that many of my blog posts are getting viewed, liked and commented though there was not any new post.
I felt really elated to see that though I am not active in blogging for around a month but my previous work is getting appreciated.

So the last one month I was busy with many things but I know that I will be back here to share my experiences and thoughts with you people.

I am really feeling happy that my work is getting appreciated.
I will try my best to write even better and useful posts for my readers.

So have you took break in blogging?
How does it feel to be back?

Do share with me in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

Accepting The Things Which Are Not In Your Control

You were getting ready for going out and suddenly it rains.
So you can’t stop the rain right??
That means its beyond your control, like wise there are several things in our lives which are beyond our control.
So its quite common for somone to worry if something goes wrong but if that something is beyond your control then what can we do.

Say many people had travel plans in the last couple of months but as very well we know how the Pandemic affected us.
So their travel plans too get affected.
So there is nothing they can do because its beyond their control.

I just wanted to say is just accept the things which are not in your control.
Because there is no point in getting worried to the things which we cannot change and they are out of our control.

Do you agree with me ?
Do tell me in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂

Small Things Matters Me A Lot

I wanted to write this post for a long time. But somehow it got delayed.
So let us see why small things matters me a lot.
From childhood I am like full of life.
I use to play outdoor and indoor games and I use to take my cycle and gor a ride with my friends, which my parents gifted for my 8th birthday and its so precious to me.

With my cycle on my 8th birthday

I still remember the day when my parents surprised me with the cycle.
I use to take this cycle and go to my school.
Everyone were surprised during those days seeing my courage.
Those were really really special days of my life.
That was the sweetest gift I got from my parents.
Things changed a lot from childhood but I am who I am.
I wrote in my bio in Facebook that I am simple soul who follows her heart.
Yes I follow my heart whatever happpens.
So right from childhood I have this care for smallest things in life.

Though I am grown up but still I love my smallest things I can even say that they are like soul things.
So what are my smallest things presently which can’t sacrifice with anything.

First and foremost I love music.
Even when I cook I am busy listening to songs.
A week ago my husband gifted me wiith Amazon Echo Plus Speaker.
Sweet isn’t it??
I already have a bluetooth speaker which I named as Mini ME.
He knows my love towards music.
I spend a lot of time hearing to songs.
All types of songs like Indian and Western.
So music might seem like a small thing but it plays a major role in my life.

Then goes movies, TV shows I love watching them.
I watch different type of genres and I really enjoy them.

Next comes the ME time I love having time for myself.
How much busy I may be but I have always time for my ME time.

Workout plays a major role in my life.
I start my day with yoga and I really enjoy working out.

So these are some of the smallest things which I really enjoy and plays a major role in life.

So what do you think about post?
What are your smallest things in your life?
Do share with me in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Weekend
Happy Blogging

My Journey During This Pandemic So Far

I still remember the day when we already booked tickets for a Bollywood movie in a near by multiplex. But after a day we heard the news of Pandemic, though many were not aware of the Pandemic here in our place. But we decided to cancel the tickets for the movie and the rest is the history.
After few days lockdown started throughout India and everyone became very much aware of the entry of this Pandemic slowly every one became worried. Then came the entry of masks which is a normal thing now.

Initially during lockdown we went outside only for medicines and the grocery we used to get is near by grocery shop where they stopped delivering door to door. But they deliver near to the apartments community gate and we go there and take the grocery to home.
Online deliveries were very very few that time and I arranged my Pantry according to my requirements.

So initially I became quite busy taking care of my family and I didn’t feel like blogging during those days. So I kept quite and use to read many blogs from my fellow bloggers in that some posts kept me motivated.

I guess many people felt diffcult to stay at home in those lockdown Period but as I generally stay at home I didn’t feel that difficulty compared to my near and dear ones.
As my Soulmate started working from home I got a lot of company.
I never failed to have my ME time because it keeps me recharged and happy.
So everyone at home, no going out, no food deliveries.
I can say I improved my culinary skills during this time and I use to make new food items for my family and everyone loved my new experimental foods.

I must say OTT platforms played a major role in giving entertainement and we binge watched many shows and watched many movies in OTT platforms.
I really liked Netflix new shows and movies some like rom-com, thriller, adventure, fantasy and many more.

I love watching webseries and movies. Though I missed the cinematic experience but world is going into a lot of trouble and I felt me not going out is a smaller thing than people who are in trouble, getting stuck in new places.

Everyone were having hard time and people loosing lives in this Pandemic is a very terrible and sad thing which was happening all over. I am following all the measures like going out with mask, cleaning hands, sanitizer and social distancing.

Slowly after lockdown was lifted we were able to access all the things from online delivery systems and we bought some necessary and useful things from online apps.

One thing I must say that my love towards songs helped me a lot in this Pandemic because it lighten up my mood and after 2 months I started blogging which is a perfect example of ME time.

I don’t travel much so I didn’t miss travelling.
I watch some Youtube Videos whenever I feel to watch.
I try to be happy in my small world where I have a family who love me a lot and they try to keep me happy too.
I keep checking on my near and dear ones.

I know baking cake so I baking a cake sometimes.
I enjoy baking and I can make a nice Sponge cake.

So this is how I spent my Pandemic so far.

So what do you think about my journey so far.

Do share with me in the comments section below.

Happy Blogging 🙂