SONY WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones Review

I bought the new SONY WH-1000XM4 headphones and I am really excited and happy. Hence I decided to review my Sony headphones.


01) These are over-ear headphones which makes them very comfortable to use.

02) It has 40mm drivers means 40mm speaker size.

03) There is a Pouch given free with these headphones so they can be folded after use and kept straight into the bag.

04) We can completely seal around the ears without the headphones feeling loose.

05) There is a power button 3.5mm socket and a USB-C charging port.

06) You can stream high-quality audio wirelessly from a compatible source.

07) It also has a Sony 360 Reality Audio feature.

08) If you subscribe to an audio streaming service like nugs dot net, etc. then it supports tracks encoded in Sony 360 Reality Audio and wireless headphones can also be used to experience this immersive format.

09) The most interesting feature in these headphones is where you can cover the right ear cup with your hand to have a conversation.

10) Another exciting feature is “Speak to chat” which allows you to talk to someone while the headphones are still on your head without pressing any buttons.

11) The speak to chat feature helps to recognize that you are talking and will stop playback and switch to their ambient sound mode automatically.

12) You can activate the feature speak to chat and remove if you need to.

13) One more useful feature is that when you remove the headphones they stop and when you put it back they start playing automatically.

14) When the headphones are fully charged they can give you 30 hours of playback time even when the active noise cancellation feature is enabled.

15) The active noise cancellation feature helps you feel isolated from the outside world. This feature helps you to enjoy your music without any disturbances.

16) It has a multipoint connection feature where you can connect to both a phone and a laptop at once but the phone can be used for calls and the laptop for music. It works reliably with variety of devices. The high resolution LDAC codec cannot be used when multipoint connection is enabled.

17) The left ear cup has a power button and a custom action button which can be set to control either Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or noise cancelling.

18) I bought these headphones for 19,900 INR in a sale but the original price is 24,999 INR.

What I liked in Sony WH-1000XM4

01) These are great noise cancelling headphones.

02) With great sound quality.

03) Auto pause when you take them off.

04) It’s so comfortable because we can easily fold them into a pouch.

05) A separate Sony Headphones Connect app is available which can be used to customise the headphones as per your preference.

What I don’t like in Sony WH-1000XM4

01) If you use the optimizer feature in the app then it reduces the efficiency of noise cancellation.

02) While using the headphones I could still hear the ceiling fan’s noise.

So these are all my observations regarding the Sony headphones.

I really love these headphones.

Did you find the review helpful?

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Persuasion Netflix Movie Review

Dakota Johnson shines in Jane Austen novel adaptation.

Story: Anne Elliot ( Dakota Johnson) meets Captain Fredrick Wentworth ( Cosmo Jarvis) after 8 years. Anne was in love with Fredrick  where she did not marry him because of his rank and having no fortune. She meets him again when he is a Captain and having a good fortune. Do they marry or they choose different routes is the rest of the story. Persuasion is the story of the second chance of love with one that got away.

Review : This classic movie drama is quite different from other types because here women are given freedom of speech. Here in the movie Anne lives with her status obsessed father and she repents why she left Fredrick only because he has lesser lank and less fortune. The day she left him she keeps on thinking about him. She didn’t fall love with any other. She shows all the letters, his lock of hair and he even made playlist for her which she kept safely. After 8 years she finds Fredrick back as a Captain and she can’t stop thinking about him. Anne was not desperate to marry anyone who is wealthy or good looking instead she was so much love with Fredrick and she thinks she made a big mistake by breaking up with him. Here in the movie Anne was not at all desperate to marry anyone for fortune or rank.

In the movie from first Anne explains about her family who are her 3 sisters and her extended family. Anne is good at Poetry and she looks beautiful with minimum makeup. She is very good with children and they love her very much. She stays in her sister’s house where she meets Fredrick and she can’t  keep her eyes away from him even though there comes a distraction like Henry Golding. She strolls in parks, parties with her friends where Fredrick will be present. We can’t take eyes from Fredrick with his silent and strong type. Anne though in love with Fredrick she will be unable to express her feelings. She thinks always how could she let a man go whom she loved so much. Whether Fredrick will express her love to Anne or Anne will marry other person which you will be knowing after watching the movie.

Highlights of the movie are

1) Dakota Johnson is the life of the movie and her infectious smile is so attractive.

2) Showing the strong power of true love.

3) Cosmo Jarvis looks really handsome.

4) Henry Golding charming screen Presence.

5) Dakota Johnson’s character is so witty.

6) There are so many beautiful country side sightseeing in the movie especially from Lyme Regis and Bath.

Drawbacks of the movie are

1) As one of the leading man Henry Golding who featured in the Crazy Rich Asians role is the actor’s character is underwritten and no justice to the film.

So have you watched the movie?

Have you liked it?

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11 Ways To Deal With Blogging Burnout

As a blogger I can understand the stress of staying out from crowd and consistent uploading of blog posts. The work we do behind to keep our blog alive. In this process there is a fair chance of getting emotionally burnout. You are not alone on this I too face this problem once in a while. I have seen many bloggers not able to continue blogging after a period of time. Hence in this post let us discuss about how to overcome blogging burnout and have pleasant experience in blogging.

When I started blogging in 2017, I just started as a hobby and I never felt any pressure and rather I can say I just used blogging  to share my thoughts with the world. In the early period of blogging I even don’t know about tags. Obviously I came a long way and today I am planning to take this more than a hobby in coming months. So this 5 years I have gone through many ups and downs in blogging.

Reasons for blogging burnout are:

01) Writer’s Block :
The first and foremost reason is writer’s block.
Running out of ideas is the common thing in blogging and slowly it leads to burnout. There are many ways to overcome Writer’s block to know more about this read here.

02) Overwhelmed: Overwhelmed by blogging is the common thing here. It may be due to reasons sometimes it happens for not getting views, comments and likes. They get disappointed by this and gets overwhelmed. Trust me are not alone in this, I have been there and I know how it feels like. Starting blogging and picking up I learnt all by myself.

03) Not Reaching dedicated Goals : Many people have certain goals like they have to reach certain amount of followers and views. Trust me I never thought in such a way. I started on going in with flow and enjoyed blogging. Even after 5 years I have only 800 plus followers in WordPress. I know its not much but I am happy with this. I have no complaints because initially I started blogging only for sharing my thoughts with the world and I can never forget that. Having goals with blogging may affect the creativity at times.

04) Thinking about Money: I can’t say much about this because still I am not in professional blogging. But as far as know many bloggers get disappointed with the payments they are getting. If you want to stay in blogging in long run you shouldn’t think much about money but should always remember in the first place why you started blogging. In this place there is a chance that you might lose your creativity.

05) Working too hard and getting worn out: Blogging is not so easy as it seems. Many might think that blogging is an easy job but it’s not. Blogging requires lot of dedication and hard work. In the process of accomplishing these we might get worn out. This might also cause blogging burnout.

So now let’s see how to overcome blogging burnout

01) Setting Realistic Goals :
While writing this post I made a tweet like I wrote 500 words in a day. I can even elaborate and write more but I write only according to possibility. If I stretch more it might disturb the beauty of creativity. Even you should try to set more realistic goals which can be accomplished.

02) Don’t ever try to compare with anyone:
Never ever try to do this as you are yourself a unique person and always think that your thoughts are more unique. You should always motivate yourself and never try to compare your blog with others. You never know about their journey. You will definitely get disappointed if you do so and feel sad too. We have to keep doing our work and rest follows.

03) Networking : Earlier I just used to blog and share my thoughts with the world and log off. Lately came to know a lot about networking and I am connecting with likeminded people especially on Twitter where many appreciate my work and I really feel elated. I learn a lot of new things with other content creators there. Having Networking with other bloggers with definitely help you. You can get some ideas, inspiration and motivation with other bloggers.

04) Writing in early mornings: Few days back I got up around 6 am and started writing blog posts and it really went well. It’s so quiet at home and early sunrise, black tea really had a great impact on me.
It’s so peaceful and I got so many new ideas. I can simply say its so productive. If you are worn out I suggest you to try this and you will see it really helps.

05) Take regular breaks: There is a lot of importance for breaks in blogging it might be small or big. It recharges you and you can bounce back with more energy. This post I wrote in three days that means I have taken proper breaks at proper times. Your energy won’t get drained while writing.

06) Pursue other Passions: There are many passions other than blogging. So if you feel like unable to write at the moment in blogging then just relax and pursue other passions until you feel good. Why don’t you try them and feel happy. Like I love to watch movies, read books, DIY, listening to music are some of the things which I enjoy aside blogging. I get recharged when I do this. Getting recharged is really helpful in blogging.

07) Learn to say No: Pandemic as changed a lot of things may be people love to talk with you, hang with you and ask you to some work. Whatever may be the reasons its really important to choose where to say Yes and where to No. After all it’s you who will lead the life. Choose better options and make time for your passions and goals. I know it’s definitely important to give time for our loved ones but its we who has to decide where to say No.

08) Scheduling blog posts: Frankly speaking I am not really good at this. But I do different type of scheduling like I write my ideas, important points in a word document and also when to write, what to write is already prepared in my journey of blogging. If I get time I prepare some blog posts ahead of posting. Scheduling posts is really important as we won’t get overwhelmed at the last moment.

09) Being active: It’s a technology world at everything at finger tips we mostly don’t need to do physical things to get work done. Hence being active has reduced to great extent. Why don’t you go for a walk, play a sport and any physical activity. Being active really helps me whenever I feel low in blogging I just go for a walk and get mind gets refreshed.

10) Always remember why you started blogging in first place:
I try to not forget I started blogging to share my thoughts with the world. Though it was a hobby back then, now I am taking it more than hobby. Sometimes I really worry about my stats, later I make myself calm by saying the main motto was to share thoughts. Do your work and the rest follows. I really believe this because one shouldn’t be too much focused on results which ultimately disturbs the productivity. Let’s focus on creating new ideas and sharing our thoughts, knowledge with the world.

11) Don’t Focus Too Much about blog post length: Many of us focus too much on length of the blog post. I know SEO and stuff but sometimes elaborating just like that can make readers uninterested.
Don’t let your creativity go away from you. Don’t write a blog post because only it should be some length compulsory. It’s important to make our posts SEO friendly and I get it. My point here is don’t elaborate it more so that the quality of post might get affected. I don’t do it but some of my smaller posts also get more views and some of lengthy posts might not get. Because I try not to elaborate it without the necessity.

Blogging burnout is not permanent and its just a phase it will go by time. All you need is to be patient and overcome the phase. Everyone faces this phase and comes out from them. All you need is  to trust your instinct and keep doing good work. In time you will learn many new things and you might end up sharing tips to others. In last 5 years I learnt a lot and lot of things and I really share with my readers from time to time.

A person one who experiences things can easily say about them. I have been through it, so all about this.

I hope this post really helps you to overcome blogging burnout.

Did you like my post?

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Here is what I am planning to do in this new month July

I have this habit from childhood like checking calender (okay I love having one at home)  due to various reasons may be when I was a kid was waiting for my dad to give me  pocket money and when I grew up for some reasons like paying bills , a refreshing feeling and thought of doing something interesting things than previous month.

Here is what I am planning to do in this Monsoon month July

01) Discover new recipes: If you are a regular reader of my blog you could have already know my interest towards cooking. So I am planning to learn new recipes and try some tasty food items. It will be really exciting for my soulmate as we try new recipes now and then. This will also improve my culinary skills too.

02) Reading : I already have so many fiction novels (yes I love collecting novels). Now it’s my turn to read them, I am planning to complete one novel by this end of the month. I know its not that tough to complete one but planning less is good than having too much on plate.

03) DIY: Wow they sound really great but it’s been a very long time I did and I just love them totally. Lately I didn’t find much time or may be I didn’t get proper ideas. However I will try my level best to do some nice DIY’s. Yes I understand I will show you if I am successful in accomplishing them. I love playing with water colours( of course I do some productivity here)

04) Gaming : Lately I was not into it and I really enjoy playing. It gives me a lot of happiness. So I am really looking forward to play some video games with my PS5 console.

05) Blogging : I really want to be consistent this month. I am planning to post consistently and I know my readers wait for my blog posts and I am pretty sure I won’t disappoint you guys this month.

06) Decluttering : Though its on last in my list but its really tough task. I need to arrange my closet and declutter a lot of things in my room. I definitely need to do it as it takes a lot of time but I feel great when its done.

So this is for this month July and if you missed to see my new set up you can check here

What are your goals for July?

Do you plan or just go with flow?

Do share with me in the comments section below 😊

My New Updated Workspace For Blogging

I am very delighted to share about my new work space with my readers. As a blogger an updated setup is the need of the hour. The special thing about this setup is my husband designed it, he gave everything as a gift to me and I was totally spellbound. I am extremely happy by his gesture and it’s a one of the best gift given by him. I really appreciate by his gesture because as a blogger it requires a lot of motivation and creativity to get my blog posts done.

This gift is special because he is encouraging my passion and helping me to take it seriously. I started blogging in 2017 and I have come a long way and I have seen many ups and downs in blogging. From not knowing the importance of tags to now promoting my blogs in social media. It didn’t happen overnight required a lot of research, creativity, hard work and can’t forget my soulmate’s special encouragement.

Through out these years I have learnt a lot of new things and improved my writing skills. As blogging became my favourite hobby and this setup will help to take things seriously. However I am planning to take blogging seriously in coming months.

Don’t forget to say hi to Groot 🙂

Do you like my new setup?

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How to set boundaries with social media as a content creator

As a blogger I should admit that social media is very essential to promote your content and share with the people all over the world. Social media brings you traffic and your content gets exposure. I know as a blogger I hardly imagine without social media. Social media helps you connect with likeminded content creators from all across the world. I learn a lot of new things from other content creators. As we live in the digital world and it’s really tough to expect life without technology.

Not only content creators people from all across the world will have a chance to see your work and they appreciate you if they like your work.
So all these are impossible if you don’t have social media. It makes life of content creators easy. It helps people find your vlogs, blogs at their convenience.

Content creators comes in various forms it may be bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers. People say that as a content creator your job is easy that there is no 9 to 5 job but you can work anywhere anytime. I agree to that there are no certain timings to work but as a content creator you job will be 24/7. There are people who admire you, love you, inspired by you and motivated by you. They send you likes and comments.

If you are a popular content creator it’s difficult to respond to each of them. Though you can try sometimes it becomes impossible. This might take a toll on your mental health for not able to manage your work. There are times when you have to spend a lot of time in social media to manage your work and when you see the time later on you will be surprised to see the time you spend on social media.
There will be really less time you are spending time with real people or its difficult to manage relationships. You are lost on your own world.

Frankly speaking I am just a hobby blogger and planning to take my blog seriously in future. Being a hobby blogger it’s also not so easy. Recently I took a five month break and blog stats dropped drastically. It took a lot of time for me to get back to form. As a blogger I have to use social time for some time  so that I have to promote my blog in all social media platforms which means I have to spend time in social media for a while to make sure that I presented it perfectly.

In the process of promoting blog many of us spend a little more time than expected. Sometimes we wonder we are scrolling for a long time without any purpose. These extra time you spend on social media you can even make new content for your blog or vlogs.

Here are 5  tips which I follow inspite of using social media for promoting my blog.

01) In the first place I stopped all the notifications of social media and it prevented me to take a look at them every time a notifications comes.
It’s not possible for anyone to respond to every comment at different times.

02) Have some dedicated time for social media where you can promote your blog and respond to each and every comment at same time. As I am just a hobby blogger I don’t get much comments but those who are established bloggers or YouTubers they get a lot and lot of comments. So finally it’s their call to respond to how many comments they can respond.

03) It’s very important to know your blog needs. Like how much time you can spend on social media and how much time you can spend on your content creation depends on your requirements. As a blogger when I publish blog posts then later I will share all the links in all the social media channels at once. It helps me to manage screen time too.

04) Coming to screen time you should make sure to manage screen time according to your use. A little less screen time its always helpful to your eyes and keeps you healthy.

05) There is lot of debate on whether you should have social media apps on your phone or not. As a content creator it’s not easy to respond every comment which comes on your phone. I don’t think that you should delete all social media apps because you have some personal life too. Keeping aside as a content creator you are like a regular person who will keep contact with their loved ones. I Personally manage with both personal and professional requirements.

So what do you think about my post?

Can you add some more points to it?

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Shamshera Teaser : Ranbir Kapoor is going to appear in a never before avatar as a dacoit

Shamshera teaser just released now, Ranbir Kapoor in a never before rugged look as a dacoit. He is the Saviour of his tribe and there are high octane fights with Sanjay Dutt. Both the looks of the actors are versatile. The sets and VFX effects are extraordinary. Not much is known about the story in the teaser.
The movie will be released on July 22 which is directed by Karan Malhotra of Agneepath fame.
Vani Kapoor who is also acting as one of the main lead in the Shamshera. Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt both the looks and really promising. Let’s wait for the trailer which is going to release on June 24.

Raksha Bandhan Trailer Review: Is all about emotional things and family entertainer

The trailer depicts the story of four unmarried sisters and a brother who loves his sisters very much. Featuring Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar in lead roles.

The Raksha Bandhan movie is directed by Aanand L.Rai and this is the second time Akshay Kumar is working with Aanand L.Rai after Atrangi Re.

According to the Trailer Akshay Kumar loves  his sisters very much and gives them first Priority and tells his childhood love Bhumi that he will marry only after his sisters marriage.

There is also a segment which touches the problem of dowry system.
In trailer we can also see that Akshay Kumar wants to marry off his four sisters and tries different ways to fund the weddings.

There will be also comedy in this movie and there are many things emotional where he is ready to sell his kidney to get his sister married. There is also one scene where he gets ready to get his sister married to a scrap dealer.

He also gets ultimatum from Bhumi’s father about loosing his childhood love and he gets very emotional hearing to that.

As the trailer concludes we can see that Akshay reveals to his sister that he mortgaged his shop.

Overall we can see that brother is loving his sisters unconditionally and he will try his best to fulfil his responsibilities. As we have seen Toilet movie pair both Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar is a hit pair. Hope this will be a good family entertainer and successful movie for both the actors.

I personally felt the trailer impressive and loved the story of a brother taking care of four sisters by working so hard. The unbreakable bond among siblings is the main attraction in the movie.

The movie is slated to release on August 11th on Raksha Bandhan Day.

Question: Are You Comfortable Saying No To Others?

Things have changed drastically after Pandemic and each of us have understood how unpredictable life can be. So there comes the need of having time for ourselves like ME time and the need to protect the time for our own good and trying to stop unnecessary distractions. I know its not that easy as it seems but there comes a lot of importance for safe guarding our time.

When it comes to me I am trying to save my time to prevent unnecessary distractions but I am not perfect like many but the process is going on.

So how about you?
Are you comfortable saying NO to others for prevent unnecessary distractions?

Do share with me in the comments section below 🙂

Here Is Why Hobbies Play Such An Great Impact In My Life

In life we are very busy chasing so many things like career, family, relationships, money etc. But if we pause for a minute we suddenly discover what we are doing. We play different roles as a wife, mother, daughter, son, husband, friend and many. Have we ever found out what we are doing for ourselves. Sometimes we become so busy we rarely have any time for us. Many of us cannot say no to others. If it so then it’s not a good sign because we need to pamper ourselves too. There comes the role of hobby where we can have some leisure time only for us.

How and when hobbies entered in my life

I was super active since I was a kid I used to play sports, indoor games, cycling, board games , watching movies, listening to songs ( though I can’t sing because I can’t remember lyrics much). Back then there were not so many gaming consoles like now but still we had one in which I used to play Mario which was my favourite game.
Hence it’s clear that from childhood I need my ME time. As I turned adult, hobbies changed but I made sure I definitely have leisure time for myself. Though there were studies I made sure I do something for myself so I can be happy.

If you are regular reader of my blog you might already know my love for cooking. Actually it started as a fun activity I used to browse cooking  recipes in Internet and try at home. Slowly but steadily this hobby of cooking became an important thing in my life as I cook for my family not only Indian but multicuisine recipes.

So you can see how a hobby like cooking became important thing in my life.
Like my different hobbies are

01) Love reading fiction novels so much not one but different genres. I am Voracious reader too.

02) Watching movies, TV shows increased during Pandemic.

03) Love listening to Songs.

04) I always try to write some interesting blog posts though I took a 5 month break in blogging.

05) Love cooking for myself like sometimes I feel to have something different then I just cook it and enjoy.

06) I just pamper by giving a special pedicure at home.

07) I declutter my room and try to decorate it in a special way.

08) I just love to go for a walk.

09) I didn’t try much baking but I can perfectly bake a sponge cake.

10) I stop scrolling through my phone sometimes and keep it away from me like spending less time for social media.

11) I love art and craft and I made some too.

12) I just watch some YouTube channels which I are interesting.

13) I started gaming recently with my PlayStation 5 console.

The above are some of my hobbies which I could think at the moment. I am not into sports right now like I used to play even cricket in my school. I do some yoga in mornings for my physical health.

Here is why one should have hobbies in their lives

When Pandemic started in 2020 everyone were staying at home and staying safe. During this time people were frustrated staying home.
Many people can’t stay at home always but like many I didn’t feel any problem because I love to stay at home. On top of that I have many hobbies to keep me busy.

Hobbies sometimes becomes our careers. Many start blogging for fun and they end up become professional bloggers or they work as Freelance Content writers.

1) Doing something we love keeps us happy and joyful.

2) It keeps us away from distractions.

3) Having some time for ourselves helps in mental well-being. As we become involved in something we love that keeps brooding away.

4) Playing sports is the biggest hobby for many which helps in keeping them fit other than making them happy.

5) Many people enjoy photography, singing, dancing, video editing, sports, blogging which also helps them in their careers.

6) One of the key thing is doing something we love keeps us confident.

7) Our lives become more efficient.

8) Hobbies recharges us and gives us more energy.

9) It improves patience in us.

10) It makes us more interesting.

11) Hobbies help us to get you some extra money.

12) Having some hobby doesn’t need the need of other person support because you can engage yourself and that gives you enough enjoyment.

Depending on others for your leisure activity gets reduced.

In case you are wondering which hobby you want to pursue then here are some ideas which I want to share with you all.

1) Photography : Back then taking this hobby was not so easy because there were not so modern equipment like now.
You don’t need fancy equipment to pursue this hobby but sometimes all you need is a smart phone with camera.
You don’t need initially fancy locations too because you can start with sunset and locations near your home, town and city.
Photography is really an interesting hobby you can improve different styles while clicking like black and white, colour and adding some filters. If you become pro in photography slowly you can buy some fancy equipment. Doing all these things keeps you busy from your regular routine. You will feel great and later you might start a separate Instagram account to share your pictures with the world.
You never know what this might lead to because you might take up photography seriously if you are getting nice response from viewers.
Frankly speaking I am not so good at Photography but I love seeing the work of photographers.

2) Reading: Frankly speaking when I was kid I use to read less story books instead elders use to tell me a lot of stories. Back then in our town we used to read only our school books. Things have changed drastically when I finished my college, here is when I started reading novels. First I started with Indian Authors and slowly I picked up everything. Now I have a lot of collection of International authors too. Reading helps me a lot I imagine the things which I read like the fiction novels which I read starting from rom-com to mystery.  I love reading different genres. Reading helps you improve your communication skills, keeps you occupied, makes you happy and learn new things.

3) Blogging : I really never imagined that today my WordPress followers are 800 plus and I am blogging for the last 6 years.
I really enjoy blogging because I learn a lot of things from my fellow bloggers, I post new things, improves my written skills and I am planning to take it further in the coming days.
If you want to be a blogger there are many posts in my blog for those who are writing for the first time or new bloggers. All you need is a free WordPress plan and start writing. You can select can niche which is you are comfortable. Initially start sharing the things which you know and which you want the world to hear your stories and if your blog clicks the rest follows automatically.

4) Gardening : It is one of the most interesting hobby as it soothes your soul. Working close to mother nature is so relaxing. I used to do a lot of gardening when I was kid, I raised a lot of flowers and vegetables. But now I am not much into gardening we have some plants in balcony. So if you have space and time it’s a great hobby and trust me you will simply love it.

5) Cooking: When it comes to cooking I have a lot to say. Many think that cooking as a chore runs in household but I feel that’s entirely wrong. Cooking is an art which many of us fails to notice. If you have interest in cooking then it’s a very interesting hobby. Start from basics like making coffee, rice, pancakes etc. You will definitely love it because I loved it when I started to learn cooking from 2012, my life changed totally and now I can cook multicuisine. It’s really  not that hard like it seems. I have written many blog posts on cooking. Sometimes you can bake a sponge cake. Who knows you can start a YouTube channel later after becoming a pro.

6) DIY: Do It Yourself is one of the exciting thing. I have done many DIYs and I have posted about them in my blog too. DIYs improves your creativity makes you passionate about art and crafts. I had a wafer box and I painted on that and it turned out to be really great. I love playing with colours and here it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect but just play with colours it soothes your mind and makes you happy. Lately I did only very few DIYs but I am happy with that because it really makes me relaxed. They take us back to school days when we used to do after our school teacher gives us the projects.

So what do you think about my blog post?

Do you have a hobby?
What is your favourite hobby among all?
Do share with me in the comments section below